Dear all,

The Permanent attorney position at the SASLAW Johannesburg  advice office will become available in January 2020.  The  Directors of the Pro bono project are looking for a candidate to fill this role. The candidate must be public interest minded and be willing to assist indigent clients with professionalism and empathy.

Skills and Experience Required

The candidate must be an experienced employment law practitioner with 10 - 15 years’ experience who practices and appears regularly in the Labour Court, or who has done so.  This position will suit a retired, semi-retired or part time attorney or advocate.

Duration of contract

It is intended that the contract will be awarded for periods of no longer than 12 months.    By no later than 1 November each year, SASLAW Pro Bono NPC shall, in conjunction with the appointed candidate determine whether the contract is to be renewed for a further 12 months and will simultaneously determine what terms shall regulate the contract.

Days and times

The attorney shall be contracted for a period of 21 hours per week comprising 7 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week from 08h30 to 15h30.


An office within the Labour Court premises in Braamfontein has been allocated by the Court and the office has been equipped with a laptop and a printer and furniture.

Closure of office

The office will close during the last week of April, some days around the 16 June, for a week in August and from  around the 16th December to the second week of January the following year. The candidate is encouraged to arranged his/her leave around these times.

Ambit of Contracted Tasks

It is envisaged that the attorney will be responsible for all drafting other than in relation to matters taken on by the pro bono attorneys .  Where pro bono attorneys are not able to cope with the number of clients seeking to consult the office or where a pro bono attorney does not arrive for scheduled duty, the contract attorney shall consult with any prospective pro bono client.

  • The attorney will be expected to check and commission the drafted documents and advise clients in relation to the next step of the process.
  • The attorney will assist with the reporting on a quarterly basis to the NPC Directors.
  • The attorney will be required to continue the existing good relationships between SASLAW Pro Bono NPC and other stakeholders including Legal Aid SA, the LPC, the Labour Court and the Labour Court staff and all pro bono attorneys attending to render their pro bono duties at the office.
  • The attorney may be required to supervise, monitor and assist in any exceptional or extraordinary matters taken on by SASLAW Pro Bono NPC or by any of the pro bono attorneys.

Contracted Fee

The contract fee associated with the appointment is R20 000 per month. The candidate will be paid on invoice and will be responsible for his/her own tax affairs.

CVs can be sent to  All candidates will receive a response by the end of November 2019.


The Pro bono Directors are delighted to welcome three students from the University of Toronto to their summer fellowship programme.

The students are:

  • Erica McLachlan
  • Jasmit de Saffel
  • Him Ranjit

The 2019 University of Toronto Summer Fellowship students, Erica McLachlan, Him Ranjit and Jasmit De Saffel from the University of Toronto worked in the Joburg pro bono office twice a week from mid-June until the end of August.  They enjoyed their time in South Africa, embraced the project whole heartedly, loved the city, and have found being at the firms very enlightening and interesting. The students have been exposed to the CCMA and other Courts. Thank you to them for their enthusiasm. They will be missed!

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The SASLAW Pro Bono NPC project at the South African Labour Courts serves to deliver a quality advisory service and defined Labour Law legal services to those who otherwise do not have access to justice.

About the Project

SASLAW Pro Bono NPC is a non-profit company formed by SASLAW - the SA Society for Labour Law - to administer the Pro Bono project in the four Labour Courts in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

SASLAW was started in 1997, and is an association for those individuals who are involved in Labour Law in South Africa.  The association has 1400 members, 5 chapters, 6 members of staff and is run by national and chapter committees.  The members serve SASLAW and  the Pro Bono NPC on a voluntary basis.

SASLAW Pro Bono NPC is committed to the project and its general membership is committed to:

  • Assisting unrepresented and indigent litigants in gaining access to justice
  • Using their knowledge in the field of Labour Law to perform pro bono work
  • Assisting the Labour Court in addressing the backlog in its case-load and facilitating the efficient operation of the various Labour Courts

The project assists the Labour Court with giving South Africans who cannot afford legal assistance, the right to have access to justice, and to receive advice on their labour matters from professional and qualified attorneys in a dignified and respectful manner.

University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science partnership

On Wednesday, November 14th, the CIRHR welcomed Shamima Gaibie and Ludwig Frahm-Arp of the South African Society of Labour Law. They spoke to a group of faculty, PhDs and MIRHR students about labour law in South Africa

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“Respect for the rule of law and access to Courts of law are two sides of a coin. Respect for the rule of law promotes peace and stability and can only be warranted if the ordinary and the indigent have meaningful access to courts of law. The service provided by SASLAW is therefore indispensable in a community fraught with conflict. The more accessible the courts of law to the ordinary and the indigent guided by experts the more accepting will be the community of the rule of law. SASLAW must therefore be given all the support possible in its attempt to provide that access because industrial peace will and must equate to economic prosperity for the benefit of the nation.”


Basheer Waglay - Judge President, Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court

“The pro bono project is the perfect opportunity to utilise the skills transferred in the profession to assist individuals in need. It assists the pro bono client through the prompt resolution of disputes and gives the client an opportunity to get advice and assistance, which ordinarily will not be available to them. It is further an opportunity to fulfil a fundamental obligation, we as legal practitioners owe to the court. The experience is both intellectually stimulating and benevolent.”

Preshni Govender – PG Attorneys, Johannesburg

"It was a pleasure for us to have worked with SASLAW – Johannesburg and Cape Town in the past year."

Fatima Laher - Pro Bono Manager, Bowman Gilfillan

“Thank you for saving me.  I have got my position back and am able to look after my family”

Anonymous pro bono client


The membership of the SASLAW NPC shall be confined to natural persons are members of SASLAW in good standing.  Every SASLAW member recorded as such in the SASLAW register on the 1 March of every year are eligible to become a member of the NPC.

Administrators at the Pro Bono Offices:

The operating hours of the various offices will be as follows:

  • Johannesburg: 09h00 t0 14h00 Tuesday,
    Wednesday, Thursday
  • Durban: 09h00 to 13h00 Wednesday
  • Cape Town: 09h00 to 14h00 Friday
  • Port Elizabeth: 09h00 to 12h00 Monday


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