The Pro bono Directors are delighted to welcome three students from the University of Toronto to their summer fellowship programme.

The students are:

  • Erica McLachlan
  • Jasmit de Saffel
  • Him Ranjit

Thank you to Chris Albertyn for spearheading this initiative.  Thanks too, to the firms who will host the students over the next three months.

The fellowship programme schedule is as follows:

Week 1 17-Jun Day with Clare shopping/public holiday
18-Jun Pro Bono Office
19-Jun Pro Bono Office
20-Jun Pro Bono Office
21-Jun Constitutional Court Tour
Saturday 22-Jun
Sunday 23-Jun Braai with Young Scholars Society
Week 2 24-Jun Fasken
25-Jun Pro Bono Office
26-Jun Pro Bono Office
27-Jun Fasken
28-Jun Fasken
Saturday 29-Jun
Sunday 30-Jun Lunch with chapter committee and families
Week 3 1-Jul Webber Wentzel
2-Jul Pro Bono Office
3-Jul Pro Bono Office
4-Jul Webber Wentzel
5-Jul Webber Wentzel
Saturday 6-Jul Red Bus Tour
Sunday 7-Jul
Week 4 8-Jul Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
9-Jul Pro Bono Office/ Day in the Judges
Chambers with Acting judge Sean Snyman
10-Jul Pro Bono Office
11-Jul Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
12-Jul Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
Saturday 13-Jul
Sunday 14-Jul
Week 5 15-Jul Werksmans
16-Jul Pro Bono Office
17-Jul Pro Bono Office
18-Jul Werksmans
19-Jul Werksmans
Saturday 20-Jul
Sunday 21-Jul
Week 6 22-Jul Bowmans
23-Jul Pro Bono Office
24-Jul Pro Bono Office
25-Jul Bowmans
26-Jul Bowmans
Saturday 27-Jul
Sunday 28-Jul
Week 7 29-Jul Hogan Lovells /CCMA
30-Jul Pro Bono Office
31-Jul Pro Bono Office
1-Aug Hogan Lovells
2-Aug Hogan Lovells
Saturday 3-Aug
Sunday 4-Aug
Week 8 5-Aug Advocates Chambers
6-Aug LabourNet
7-Aug LabourNet
8-Aug LabourNet
Women's Day 9-Aug Holiday
Saturday 10-Aug Holiday
Sunday 11-Aug Holiday
Week 9 12-Aug Cheadle Thompson
13-Aug Pro Bono Office
14-Aug Pro Bono Office
15-Aug Cheadle Thompson
16-Aug Cheadle Thompson
Saturday 17-Aug
Sunday 18-Aug
Week 10 19-Aug ENSafrica
20-Aug Pro Bono Office
21-Aug Pro Bono Office
22-Aug ENSafrica
23-Aug ENSafrica
Saturday 24-Aug
Sunday 25-Aug
Week 11 26-Aug Norton Rose Fulbright
27-Aug Pro Bono Office
28-Aug Pro Bono Office
29-Aug Norton Rose Fulbright
30-Aug Norton Rose Fulbright
Saturday 31-Aug
Sunday 1-Sep Fly to Durban
Week 12 2-Sep Farrell Inc
3-Sep Farrell Inc
4-Sep Garlicke & Bousfield in Durban Pro bono office
5-Sep Garlicke & Bousfield (am)
5-Sep SASLAW 22nd Annual conference - Durban (pm)
6-Sep SASLAW 22nd Annual conference - Durban
7-Sep SASLAW 22nd Annual conference - Durban
8-Sep Home